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Wholesale Toys Closeouts Salvage liquidation and returns children;s and baby toys
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We Specialize in Wholesale Toy Closeouts! We are a toy distributor of all types of below wholesale toys of all varieties. We are here to help you find the best prices on brand name bulk and salvaged wholesale toys. We specialize in Pallets and truckloads of surplus and overstocked liquidation clearances on department store returns toys.

Our wholesale toys span the spectrum from board games to educational toys and puzzles, as well as stuffed animal toys and many others!

Baby Infant and Toddler Toys!
Closeout lots of infant, toddler, and baby toys of all types: pull toys, bath toys.

Closeout Animal Toys!
We have stuffed animals in our lots including toy lions, hourses, frog toys, tiger toys, dolphins amd zebras!

Surplus Specialty Toys!
Different types of speciality toys like pool and beach toys, toy castles, dragon toys, and wooden toys!

Liquidation Educational Toys!
Puzzles, games and other educational toys to excersice the mind, these are great sellers!

Popular Sellers Pallets:
These are our biggest sellers! Toy games, beach toys and cars from name brand manufacturers. Harry Potter toys, The Simpsons, Star Wars Star Trek and transformers.

We are your #1 source for liquidations and surplus toy closeouts, department stores games, overstocked action figures, closeout merchandise, bulk salvage board games, stuffed animal store returns, closeout Barbie merchandise, overstocked and closeout toy sets, ride-on-toys, and salvage store returns.

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As acloseout toy distributor, we carry tea sets, department stores closeouts, planes, truckloads of overstocked closeout toy trains, bulk salvage merchandise action figures, store returns, board games, salvage store returns, stuffed animal items and much more closeout and salvage merchandise.

At Wholesale Toy Closeouts, we always have Salvage Barbie merchandise, closeout porcelain dolls and remote control cars by the truckloads, available directly from the department stores reclamation centers. Our list of wholesale toys and overstocked merchandise is made up of educational items, doll sets, ride-on-items, toddler and baby toys.

We deal with wholesale toys for Salvage buyers, games Salvage sellers, Salvage contract holders and specialty store Salvage Experts. We Supply Brokers, Flea Market Venders, Auctioneers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Exporters, Distributors, Non-Profit Organizations and Surplus Stores.

We carry a full line of wholesale toys salvage merchandise, toys oriented closeouts merchandise, related department store returns toys and salvage truckloads from all over America. Our prices are pennies on the wholesale dollar!


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